Second Annual Jeopardy competition launched- Teachers lead by example
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Second Annual Jeopardy competition launched- Teachers lead by example

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DPI, GUYANA, Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Leading by example, Primary School teachers once again competed in the Annual Jeopardy Competition held at Pegasus Hotel, Savannah Suite.

The competition aims to enable the involvement of teachers during Education Month’s activities, and develop a positive attitude and the support of students towards their teachers.

The first-round participants set to compete against each other.

The annual activity was a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Education and Hodder Education which saw eight (8) of the eleven (11) educational districts participating.

In brief remarks, Senior Educator Verina Layne said that this year’s competition has seen more involvement of teachers from Region One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, 10 and Georgetown compared to last year’s competition that featured teachers from Regions Three, Four, Five, Six and Ten.

Layne explained that “the contestants will compete in a quiz game comprising of two rounds, jeopardy, and final jeopardy except in the finals where a double jeopardy will be played”.  The questions covered a variety of topics mainly from six broad categories: Science, Social Studies, English Language, Mathematics, Literature and School Administration.

The first round of the competition consisted of five categories with clues that were valued from 100 to 500 points, which were doubled in the second round. “The rules are that the jeopardy round will begin with the teams who placed first in the draw and they will indicate their willingness to answer a question by pressing a buzzer.  One team player must phrase the answer in the form of a question. The team also has five seconds to respond to a clue”, Layne explained.

A representative from Hodder Education – one of the largest education publishers in the UK and internationally – spoke of their commitment to focusing on school and college markets, and providing a wide range of market-focused innovative print and digital services among other areas.

The final round of the competition saw three finalists competing to attain the highest score to win.

Last year, Region Four were declared the winners with 16,500 points, followed by Georgetown with a score of 15,100 points and Region Three with 5000 points.


Teachers from Cyril Potter College attending the Annual Jeopardy Competition.

Some of the primary school teachers competing in the Annual Jeopardy Competition.