This Jackie Jaxx Clapback is the Perfect Response to Body Shaming
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This Jackie Jaxx Clapback is the Perfect Response to Body Shaming

By realadmin / Published on Thursday, 16 Mar 2017 22:45 PM / Comments Off on This Jackie Jaxx Clapback is the Perfect Response to Body Shaming / 2254 views

From wedding rumours to a mystery man, Guyanese Dancehall/Reggae Artist Jackie Hanover aka Jackie Jaxx is usually a trill to follow across her social media profiles.

In 2016, the artist soared to popularity during Guyana’s 50th Anniversary celebration after her hit song “Guyana“, with its original hook by Singer Ivan Harry resonated with thousands of Guyanese worldwide.

However, while Hanover does take well to constructive feedback on social media, the artist is known to be extremely vocal about body shaming and other criticisms relating to body image and as the below screenshot shows.


What a clap-back, and it really is the perfect response. Seriously, why is it that in 2017 we are still shaming or trying to shame people for the ways they choose to express themselves? Hanover’s encounter and the need to respond reveals a major issue regarding body shaming on social media affecting millions of people especially millennials, an age group between 19-35 representing some 75.4 million people in the US alone.

Body shaming is usually defined as the practice of making critical, potentially humiliating comments about a person’s body size, weight or body modifications.  According to a Pew research in 2010, four in ten millennials have a tattoo and one in four have a piercing somewhere other than their ear.

The truth is, as this 2013 Huffing Post article by By Michael Zacka puts it, Millennials are radically unlike their predecessors for two obvious reasons: multiculturalism and the microchip. They are the most diverse generation ever, and the first that can claim to be true digital natives, notes Prosumer Report from consulting firm Havas Worldwide.

Young adults are embracing self-expression, and this popularity in self expression will continue to rise as more liberal views are adopted. Body modification is way to memorialize, celebrate our bodies and make art and really the decision to do that is a personal one.

There’s really no excuse for this behavior of body shaming for piercings ect online, it’s 2017 folks, lets stop judging books by their cover. – Ron D’Avilar.